International Cooperation on ICT in School Science Education (DSKC)
D S Kothari Centre for Research and Innovation in Science Education
Miranda House, University of Delhi
AMSTEL Institute, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Pioneering work has established that application of modern information and communication technology (ICT) in primary schools can enhance conceptual learning and stimulate students to participate actively in the learning process. The primary objective of this project is to improve the quality of science education in schools by introducing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools embedded in carefully designed learning environments. To this end, DSKC will organize a series of training workshops for in-service school teachers, teacher trainers and curriculum developers for Indian schools. These workshops will make use of the Euro Sense and COACH learning environments, developed by the partner institute AMSTEL, adapted to the local contexts and the Indian school curriculum. The workshops will promote inquiry based learning through a carefully crafted sequence of activities and provide hands-on exposure to innovative uses of ICT.

Specifically, the training programs will

  • dwell on the importance of active learning and hands-on science education;
  • provide a rationale for introducing ICT tools at all levels and primary education in particular;
  • provide functional knowledge and practical training on data-logging using variety of sensors, video measurements, simulations and data modeling;
  • illustrate how these ICT tools can be integrated in teaching-learning of science in specific curriculum contexts; 
  • exemplify how these ICT tools can be used for enhancing conceptual understanding of scientific phenomena in specific curriculum contexts;
  • focus on development of simple experiments and activities using sensors;
  • provide opportunities for authoring ICT enriched teaching modules in project mode;

We hope this endeavor will lead to establishment of a collaborative network for introduction and further development of new learning tools and effective methods of science education in the classroom.