Recently STICHTING SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL offered a budget of 20.000 Euro to the AMSTEL Institute. For special reasons, related to the source of the money, it was decided to direct this budget towards primary education in India, if possible with some emphasis on education to underprivileged children.

SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL is a foundation that has a link to the University of Amsterdam. It aims to stimulate and to facilitate international Contact between universities in the field of the exact sciences. By offering this budget, the foundation wants to give a structural contribution to the introduction of new and modern learning tools in education and to a possible continuation of this activity in the future.

On basis of this initiative the AMSTEL Institute looked for a partner in India and identified colleagues at Miranda House as project partners. It was decided to develop an international cooperation on promoting ICT is primary school science with the objective of transfering know how on developing new learning tools in primary education, while at the same time trying out these tools in some pilot schools in India. In the development of ICT learning tools, the AMSTEL Institute also involves primary schools in the Netherlands. Therefore, the proposed project could also lead to a communication project between primary schools in India and in the Netherlands.

The sponsors are keen that a part of the budget should be utilized to directly profit underprivileged children and schools. To this end, the partnering institutes would like to involve voluntary agencies and foundations engaged in the area of education for the underprivileged. Miranda House has approached the Directorate of Teacher Training for Municipal Schools in this regard and intends to associate the Municipal Corporation Schools in its neighborhood in this venture and help them to introduce computer assisted learning in the curriculum.