Amba Dalmia Resource Centre for Visually Challenged Students


Keeping up its tradition of being the forerunner, Miranda House takes immense pride in the Amba Dalmia Resource Centre for the visually challenged students of the college. The first of its kind in the university, the networked computers in the centre (situated on the ground floor of the college library) facilitate work with special talking software’s such as Jaws, Kurjweil and Safa. For instance, as a student types on any of these computers, she is able to listen to the words she has keyed in, complete with the insertion of space and punctuation marks and therefore, can correct any typographical errors that occur.

Besides internet accessibility, the college has a set of Braille books, Braille magazines, audio magazines, Daisy audio recorded books, e-Text books and blank audio cassettes and tape recorders to be used by the students. The college has also setup an Audio Book Production facility in a specially designed recording room.

Work on the resource centre was initiated in the year 2006, with an endowment for Ms Manju Kapur Dalmia, acclaimed author and member of teaching faculty at Miranda House. As with the rest of its students, the college aspires to inculcate a sense of assured self-sufficiency and empowerment in its special students as well. The Amba Dalmia Resource Centre is a significant step forward in bringing that objective to fruition.