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Certificate Course in Foundation of Yogasana

Yoga is a complete science of life that originated in India many thousand of years ago, which reached the common man around third century B.C, through Maharishi Patanjali in the form of grant called Yoga sutra where yoga philosophy is described as Astanga yoga. It is the oldest system of personality development in the world encompassing body, mind and spirit. The add-on course, "Certificate Course in Foundation of Yogasana" is offered to the undergraduate students of Miranda House. The course is aimed at making students more healthy, practice mental hygiene, emotionally stable, self disciplined, cultivate concentration, awareness and counciousness so that they can have a sound mind and sound body.

The course comprises of practical classes.

Course Duration: Four Weeks
Credit Hours: 36 Hours
Classes: Monday to Saturday
Credit Hours: 36 Hours
Number of Seats: 50
Selection Criteria: First come first serve basis
Fee: Nil

*This Year the course will be conducted in the month of September online due to pandemic situation arising out of outspread of COVID-19.