We cherish and value the generous support of our donors. Each contribution is momentous as it facilitates education and brings joy in the life of a student. It also augments resources critical for providing quality infrastructure, robust academic programmes and enhanced educational opportunities for all.

Miranda House celebrates diversity. Committed to national goals of equity and excellence, it takes great pride in its inclusive classrooms. Increasingly large number of students admitted to Miranda House have domicile outside Delhi. A large number of students have financially stressed background. The number of students seeking financial assistance is continuously growing. We are empathetic to student needs and endeavour to provide financial assistance to as many students as possible. The college encourages students to apply for scholarships provided by various government agencies and philanthropic trusts. In addition, it proactively seeks endowments from private donors for those in need. Our mission is to ensure that no student is thrown out of the system for lack of adequate support. Timely assistance to aspiring students ensures that they can focus on their studies.