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Make a donation, to support Education and Wellbeing

The unprecedented issues created by the pandemic are ever increasing. While some of us may be privileged enough to get by, many others still remain without a source of income, sustenance, or education.

During times when online and digital learning have taken over our traditional classroom- based learning; many students are finding it difficult to continue their education from home due to lack of accessto smartphones and laptops. This is especially true in case of girl students since in case of limited access, the male child usually takes precedence in traditional families. The situation is creating enormous levels of stress, depression and anxiety, which according to media reports, have even led to suicides by students.

Miranda House, a premier women’s institution of India,has always taken great pride in its inclusive classrooms. Aambra Foundation, committed to promoting the wellness of girls and women, which it believes is the wellness of a nation and its future generations, has pledged to combat the digital divide to address the current issues. Miranda House, in collaboration with Aambra Foundation has launched a campaign “Make a donation, to support education”, which aims to provide basic amenities such as smartphones and laptops to the underprivileged sections of our society so that together wecan support and encourage the holistic wellness and growth of the students.

So let us all come together and join hands in fulfilling a student’s dream and ambition by donating our old/used smartphones/laptops or contributing financially towards the campaign. Your donations will be directly used to sponsor a student’s education.

In addition to the present campaign, Aambra Foundations has launched SheSpeaksShashakta toll free helpline service to cater to the emotional needs of women across all ages and platforms in Delhi-NCR. This free helpline service is an attempt to make mental health care accessible to all and is operational from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

The campaign details would be available on the following websites: