FEE HEAD 1st instalment at the time of admission (New Admission) 1st instalment at the time of re-admission (Old Admission) 2nd instalment payable in January 2024
Admission Fee 200 100
Establishment Charges 14500 14500 14500
Mess Charges 11500 11500 11500
Student Activities 750 750 750
W.U.S. Health Care 240 240
Security Deposit* 5000
Total 32190 27090 26750



The first installment has to be paid on the day of admission/ readmission. The second instalment is to be paid on the first day of even semester. A fine of Rs. 5 per day is charged as late fee after the due date. Residents who fail to pay their dues beyond a period of 30 days from the due date are liable to lose their seat.

  • First year students will pay First installment at the time of Admission and Second Installment in January 2024.
  • Second and Third year student will pay Fee as mentioned above.

Rules for Refund of Hostel Charges

  • Any student who is allotted a seat in hostel and pays the fee, and later withdraws admission on or before 30 September, will be refunded 50% of the establishment charges.
  • Any student who pays second installment of the fee, and later withdraws admission before 31 January, will be refunded 50% of the establishment charges paid in the second installment.
  • Mess charges will be refunded from the month of leaving the Hostel. Fees will be charged for the full calendar month and not any part thereof
  • Hostel security will be refunded only after the student has left the hostel. It must be claimed within one year of leaving the hostel, or else deposit will lapse.
  • The cost of breakage and other dues, if any, will be deducted from the Hostel Security. Refund may be withheld if the College or Hostel dues are not cleared.