Add-on Courses are:

Data Science and Analytics

Eligibility: B.A./B.Sc. in any branch. Should have studied mathematics up to class 12.

Number of seats: 30

Selection Criteria: Interview

Fee: Rs 8000

Medical Biotechnology

This course is conducted by Department of Zoology under the aegis of D. S. Kothari Centre for Research and Innovation in Science Education (DSKC), Miranda House. It is a Self-financed course and caters to intercollege students of University of Delhi. The course coordinators are Dr. Rekha Kumari and Dr. Simran Jit. The curriculum of the course covered contemporary areas of biotechnology with an emphasis on its applications in medicine. Visiting faculty has been invited from premier research institutes. Practical sessions include all the latest molecular techniques.

Course Content:

Recombinant DNA Technology; Nanobiotechnology; Cancer biotechnology; Infectious Diseases: Diagonostics & Antibiotic Resistance; Regenerative medicines, Rare-disease Genomics, Vaccine Technology: Genomics & Proteomics; Drug Discovery & Pharmacogenomics; Stem cell genetics and Metagenomics.

Eligibility: B. Sc. II/ III Year students

Total Duration: 72 h (Lectures: 20h; Practical: 50h; Interactive Session: 2h)

No. of Sessions: 30; Time/Session: 1h (Theory; 4-5 p.m.) 5h (Practical; 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. during End-term break)

Venue: Department of Zoology, Miranda House

Seats Available: 20; Fee Structure: Rs. 9000/- per student

Application form: click here
Brochure link: click here

Important Dates

Sale & receipt of admission forms: 21st -30th August, 2017

Last date of receipt of admission forms: 30th August 2017 by 16:00 p.m. & Pharmacogenomics; Stem cell genetics and Metagenomics.

Notification of admission list: 31st August 2017

Admission and Payment of Fees: 1st -6th September 2017

Date of Commencement of course: 6th September 2017 (3 lectures/week). Practical: Winter vacations (December break).

Dates of Assessment: January 2018

Course Cordinators:
Dr. Rekha Kumari, Department of Zoology
Dr. Simran Jit, Department of Zoology

BioInformatics and in silico Medicine

Bioinformatics is an upcoming field which has become an integral part of biological research. Biological sciences have come to an advanced stage where the research is leading to accumulation of huge data in the form of Next Generation Sequencing, RNA-Seq and microarrays etc. Also some of the experiments need screening of large number of molecules or data to narrow down the search space in silico, so that it becomes cost effective for actual wet-lab experiments like computer aided drug design (CADD). The add-on course, "Bioinformatics and in silico medicine" is offered jointly by the Departments of Botany and Zoology. The course is aimed at familiarising students with basic tools and methods needed for the analysis, designing, and predicting a model based on prior information available in various databases. It is a certificate course mainly for the undergraduate students of the University of Delhi but graduate and research scholars are also accommodated. The course comprises of both lectures and hands-on practicals for the students. This course is running for the past three years successfully. The faculty are chosen carefully from renowned research institutes and are eminent scientists in the area.

This Certificate Course consists of fifteen theory sessions of 1 hr each, 32 hrs of hands on experiments and 3 hrs of assessment session. This course has been coordinated by Dr. Rekha Kumari (Department of Zoology) and Dr. Rashmi Shakya (Department of Baotany). Course Content include the topics like Next Generation Sequencing techniques, Microarrays, ChIP-seqencing, 3D protein structure analysis and In silico drug design. Guest Faculty are invited from various renowned research institutes like Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

Minimum Qualifications: B.Sc. in any life science branch.

Number of Seats: 20 each

Selection Criteria: Merit list

Fee: Rs 5000

Add on Certificate course in Nanochemistry

Nanochemistry is a subject that is connected to almost all branches of Chemistry like biomedical chemistry, polymer chemistry, product synthesis, pharmaceutical industry, structural materials, electronic device components, light-emitting materials. A number of universities and national laboratories have research programs that focus on nanochemistry, nanophysics, and nanotechnology. Keeping this in mind, Department of Chemistry, Miranda House will offer its students a 60 hour 'Add on Certificate course in Nanochemistry'.

The structure of the Add on certificate course would be as following:

  • 8 Lectures of 2 hours each (Two Invited lectures from eminent scientists working in this field and six from faculty from Department of Chemistry, Miranda House giving students a preview of their research in nanochemistry)
  • Two field visits:
    1. First to acquaint students with all the techniques required for characterization of nanoparticles
    2. Second to CSIR/NPL labs or to some industry set up using nanochemistry.
  • Suggested Practicals (Tentative list)
    1. Preparation of Gold/ Ag/Cu Nanoparticles via chemical method.
    2. Preparation of Gold/ Ag/Cu Nanoparticles via electrochemical method.
    3. Characterization of the prepared Nanoparticles.
    4. Photocatalytic activity of these synthesized nanoparticles.

The Rhetoric Course

Rethinking the Obvious: The Rhetoric of Development

This course is designed to enhance critical thinking, communication and writing skills to enable participants to take on leadership roles in the future. It is structured to be a Seminar Course with leading experts in the area as speakers. The cornerstone will be discussions and collaborative work. A parallel course runs at the George Washington University conducted by Dr. Steven Salchak. Students will have an opportunity for online interaction with faculty and students at GWU. On successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate from the college.

Course Duration: 23 August - 10 November 2017
Course Timings: Every Wednesday and Friday, 4.00 - 5.30 pm
Course Fees: Rs.5000/-
Eligibility: Miranda House students pursuing BA (Hons)/BA(Prog), semester III/V. Students should have good writing and speaking abilities.

Procedure for Application:

Application form: click here
Brochure link: click here
Last date for receiving applications: 12 August 2017
Announcement of shortlisted students: 16 August 2017
Last date for payment of course fees: Forenoon, 18 August 2017

Course Cordinators:
Meeta Kumar, Department of Economics, meeta.kumar@mirandahouse.ac.in
Reema Bhatia, Department of Sociology, reema.bhatia@mirandahouse.ac.in