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Bioinformatics is an upcoming field which has become an integral part of biological research. Biological sciences have come to an advanced stage where the research is leading to accumulation of huge data in the form of Next Generation Sequencing, RNA-Seq and microarrays etc. Also some of the experiments need screening of large number of molecules or data to narrow down the search space in silico, so that it becomes cost effective for actual wet-lab experiments like computer aided drug design (CADD). The add-on course, "Bioinformatics and in silico medicine" is offered jointly by the Departments of Botany and Zoology. The course is aimed at familiarising students with basic tools and methods needed for the analysis, designing, and predicting a model based on prior information available in various databases. It is a certificate course mainly for the undergraduate students of the University of Delhi but graduate and research scholars are also accommodated. The course comprises of both lectures and hands-on practicals for the students. This course is running for the past three years successfully. The faculty are chosen carefully from renowned research institutes and are eminent scientists in the area.

Minimum Qualifications: B.Sc. in any life science branch.

Number of Seats: 20 each

Selection Criteria: Merit list

Fee: Rs 5000