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The Department of Chemistry has a learned and dedicated faculty complemented by industrious and motivated laboratory staff. The following facilities are available to Chemistry students.

Library: There are 3615 books in the Chemistry Section of the college library. The departmental library which is located in Room No. 152 has a total of 1250 books. The library also has 10 WiFi enabled desktop computers. All faculty members and students are members of the Department Library.

Internet facilities for Staff & Students: The department shares the college WiFi facility.

Class rooms with ICT facility: The department uses the college lecture theatres all of which are fitted with overhead projection facilities. The faculty room has a desktop with attached printer-scanner-copier. Faculty members have also been issued individual HP netbooks on request.

Laboratories: The Department has three well-equipped laboratories, one of which has been renovated with latest fittings. There are two instrumentation laboratories with a wide variety of instruments required for experiments included in the curriculum. The facilities of the DSKC are utilized by the students for project work beyond the curriculum. These include Electronic balances, Microwave Synthesis Station, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Centrifuge Machine, Rotary Evaporator, Digital Melting Point Apparatus, Multi Detection Microplate Reader, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, Lyphiliser, Innovative Photocatalytic System, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrer and a computer-interfaced instrumentation laboratory with a variety of sensors such as pH, conductivity, temperature, etc.