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The Economics Society is called Arthashastra. All students, as well as the faculty of the department of Economics are members of Arthashastra. This society is remarkably student driven, with faculty contribution being largely advisory. Students have divided themselves into dedicated, self-organized teams, in order to conduct the various activities of the society. The highlight of the Arthashastra calendar is Zenith, the annual Economics Conclave. This sees participation of over a hundred under-graduates from various colleges in a variety of events: seminars, paper-presentations, case-study competitions, quizzes and debates. Since 2012, we have also anchored the Zenith MUN, which typically sees more than 200 participants. Through the year, Vishleshan, our discussion forum organizes seminars and discussions on topics that interest students. In the past the department has had the opportunity to host eminent economists: even Dr. Manmohan Singh, before he became PM...but more recently, Dr. Subrahmanian Swamy, Jayati Ghosh, Surjit Bhalla, Pulapre Balakrishnan to name a few. The students bring out an annual journal, called Aapoorti. They also run a Placement Cell for themselves. The Department of Economics actively encourages undergraduate research through projects.

One special effort is the Research Program of the Economics Society under which teams of students volunteer to undertake projects of their choice, with mentorship from the department. The project typically involves primary data collection. We have also participated in each round of the Delhi University Innovation Projects. More than 45 of our current students have interned over the last two years with institutions as prestigious as UNESCO, NITI Aayog, RBI and the PaHal scheme; with NGOs such as Centre for Civil Society, and the Teach for India campaign.

The department also plays a significant role in the corporate life of the college...our students lead several extra-curricular societies. We have also played key roles in anchoring several international collaborations of the college. Our students do us proud in terms of the variety of activities that they undertake. They bring their experience into class, enriching the teaching learning process.