Dr. Indira Prasad Bahuguna
  • Associate Professor

Indira Prasad  (Associate Professor) has been teaching since 1990. She is one of the editors of Individual and Society(2006) and Living Literatures (2007) which students across disciplines study in Delhi and other Universities.

Her PhD on the complete works of a Bhojpuri performance artiste, Bhikhari Thakur, is an extension of her interest in theatre. She has lectured extensively on drama in various colleges of Delhi University, apart from presenting papers at national conferences and seminars. Her other area of interest is translation. At present, she is engaged in translating Bhikhari Thakur's famous play "Bidesia" that drew attention to the life of the migrant, much before Covid 19 did.

Dr. Shampa Roy
  • Associate Professor

Dr. Shampa Roy is an Associate Professor who has taught for over 30 years. She has co- edited Towards Freedom (2007)  and ‘ Bad’ Women of Bombay Films (2019), authored Gender and Criminality in Bangla Crime Narratives (2017) and True Crime Writings in Colonial India (2020). She was a Visiting Fellow to SOAS , London(2016) and the University of Sussex, UK (2019). She has received the Charles Wallace India Trust short-term research grant twice and was selected for the Charles Wallace India Trust Translation Fellowship (2019) for working on a translation project at the University of East Anglia, UK. Her translation of a short story was long listed for the John Dryden Prize for Translation (2021). Recently she has been invited to be part of the Advisory Board of the Cambridge University Press, Elements in Crime Narratives series.

Ms. Deepika Tandon
  • Associate Professor

Deepika Tandon (M.Phil, Delhi University) has taught for over 28 years. She has co-edited Revisiting Abhijnanasakuntalam: Love, Lineage and Language (Delhi: Orient Blackswan, 2011) with Saswati Sengupta. She has been active with The Ariels, the English Theatre Society of Miranda House for over sixteen years. Her extended engagement with student theatre complements her pedagogic practice and research interests.

Dr. Devjani Ray
  • Associate Professor

After finishing her undergraduate studies at Presidency College Kolkata, Devjani pursued her higher education at universities in Delhi. For her doctoral dissertation she worked on Bengali Children's Periodicals (1885-1920). During the course of her doctoral studies, she was awarded the Charles Wallace Trust grant for research in the UK (2015).

She has presented papers at national and international conferences. Devjani regularly writes opinion pieces on various aspects of higher education which have appeared in leading news portals like The Wire  and ORF Online.Her areas of interest include children's literature, nationalism and print culture in India.

Dr. Senganglu Thaimei
  • Associate Professor

Dr. Senganglu Thaimei did her higher education in Delhi. She is currently a Fellow in The Highland Institute, Kohima. She received PhD from the University of Delhi. Her area of expertise is Folklore with specialisation in Paremiology(proverbs studies). She has worked in The Centre for Academic Translation and Archiving, Delhi University, on projects that involved archiving of oral materials from the Northeastern states of India. She has presented papers in American Folklore Society's meetings in Minneapolis and Baltimore, USA, and in national and international conferences whithin India. Her published works appear in journals such as Folklore and Folkloristics, Roundtable India, and Drishtikon.  

Dr. Thaimei curated and exhibited books of the Rongmei, a tribal community in Northeast India whose literary history began in 1950s. She made a documentary film called, Gaan-Ngai: The  Festival of the Rongmei Nagas in 2017. She is a visual artist and a published illustrator. Her Illustrations are featured in Easterine Kire's Songry (2021), and Journey of the Stone (2021). She has recently ventured into a pluralist approach involving research along with artistic illustration - an attempt to find a confluence of scientific survey, folk knowledge, visual art, and literature. She is a member of Art for Change Foundation India. 

Ms. Meera Sagar
  • Associate Professor

Meera Sagar joined the Department of English at Miranda House in 2006. Her areas of interest include 20th century poetry, theory of music and literary translation. She has contributed to Revisiting Abhijñānaśākuntalam: Love, Lineage and Language in Kālidāsa’s Nāṭaka (Orient Blackswan, 2011). Her poems have been published in journals such as The Four Quarters Magazine, Muse India and Best Indian Poetry.


Dr. Parul Bhardwaj
  • Associate Professor

Parul Bhardwaj is an associate professor. She has a PhD in Literature from the University of Mumbai, on the topic Partition Narratives: Researching History in the Mirror of Fiction. She specializes in Partition and Postcolonial Literatures in English, Urdu, and Hindi. She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, and an Advanced Diploma in the Urdu language from the University of Mumbai. Her other areas of academic interest are pre-colonial literatures in Urdu and Hindi, Mainstream Indian Cinema, Translation Studies, Drama and Theatre.

She has studied several languages and writes in both English and Hindi. Her articles have been published in English, Hindi and Urdu literary journals. She has contributed a chapter to the book Revisiting Abhijnansakuntalam: Love, Lineage and Language in Kalidasa’s Natak published by Orient Black Swan Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi. She has presented papers at several national and international conferences and seminars.

Dr. Shweta Sachdeva Jha
  • Associate Professor

Shweta Sachdeva Jha joined the Department of English at Miranda House in 2008. She did her BA, MA and MPhil in English from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. She did her PhD in History as a Felix Scholar at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Her research on the social history of the tawa’if has been published in the form of essays in journals and chapters in edited books such as African and Asian Studies, Narratives of India Cinema (Primus Books), Speaking of the Self: Gender, Performance and Autobiography in South Asia (Duke University Press), Sultana’s Sisters: Gender, Genres, and Genealogy in South Asian Muslim Women’s Fiction (Routledge) and South Asian Gothic: Haunted Cultures, Histories and Media (University of Wales Press). Her project on Children’s picture books in India was awarded the Delhi University Innovations Grant (2015-16). In 2020, she received the Dr. Avabai Wadia Archive Fellowship, Centre for Women’s studies, SNDT University to work on an archival collection on college women under the Miranda House Archiving Project. Recently, she was awarded the Tata Trusts-Partition Archive Research Grant (2021) to work on a month long, residency grant on their oral history collections. For more on her see


Dr. Jenny Rowena P
  • Assistant Professor

Did her doctoral research on caste and gender issues in popular Malayalam cinema. Has brought out a book in Malayalam on Masculinities in Malayalam cinema. Other research interests include caste, gender, Indian modernity and secularism. Has taught papers on Literature and Caste, Literary Theory, Popular Literature (Bhimayana), Women's Writing, Romanticism, etc. 

Ms. Gorvika
  • Assistant Professor

Gorvika Rao is an Assistant Professor with an experience of more than ten years in UG-PG (Undergraduate-Postgraduate) teaching. She wandered in DU & JNU and survived till her M.Phil. Her current areas of interest are Comic/Graphic studies and Cyber studies.  She believes in exploring new areas in interdisciplinary studies and gets easily bored with institutional canons. She is an avid binger of Netflix and comics. Her passion for films made her convenor of ‘Celluloid'- Miranda House Film Society which she hasn’t let go from last five years. Under her guidance, Celluloid has won several awards in film making competitions, started their Annual Film/Film-making festival ‘Chalchitra’ and released its first student’s journal “Chalchitra Darpan”. Her love for graphic novels led her to actively participate in the introduction of a new course on graphic narratives in Delhi University undergraduate curriculum. She loves to travel and read. To satiate her desire to travel and fulfil some of the mandatory requirements for existing in academia, she has also presented national and international papers in Guwahati, Scotland, Warwick and Philippines. Presently, she is also part of the Miranda House Archiving Team and works with Dr Shweta Sachdeva Jha in creating content for social media. She received grants from Wikipedia and Project Mukti in 2019. 

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Dr. Anshu Kujur
  • Assistant Professor

Anshu Kujur has done her undergraduate studies from University of Delhi and her MA and Phd from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Her Phd was on Indo-Jewish wwritings which continues to interest her. She also has a Diploma in English Journalism from IIMC, New Delhi. Her areas of research inerest include Diasporic Literature, Life Narratives, Indian English Writings. She has presented papers in National Conferences. Apart from academic research, she is also interested in exploring and savouring good food. 

Mr. Harshit Nigam
  • Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Harshit Nigam is an Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc) in the Department of English and pursuing his doctoral research at the Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, investigating the cinematic representations of the Partition(s) of the Indian subcontinent. His research and teaching interest comprises South Asian Cinema(s), Indian Literature(s), Romanticism, Modernism, Literary Theory, Partition Studies, and Discourse(s) on Gandhi. Harshit has to his credit several research papers in academic journals of repute, and his poems have been published across the three continents. He is also energetically engaged with the Cultural Societies of Miranda House as a staff council member for Editorial Ventures and Ariels (English Theatre Society). 


Ms. Somya Tyagi
  • Guest Faculty

Somya Tyagi is an Assistant Professor (Guest) in the Department of English, Miranda House. She holds an MA in English Literature from Hindu College and has completed her M.Phil from the Department of English, Delhi University with distinction. She is currently pursuing Ph.D from Delhi University (on Theodor Adorno’s Social Psychology) under the supervision of Prof. Shormishtha Panja. Her areas of interest include Critical Theory, Modernism, Affect, Literary Theory, Indian Literature, and Popular Fiction. She has presented papers at national and international conferences, and has published several research papers in academic journals including her recent publication titled 'Reconciling Tradition and Modernity in Vijay Tendulkar’s Ghashiram Kotwal'  in Muse India. Somya was awarded as the college topper in BA (Hons) English, Delhi University (2010-2013). She has taught a diverse range of courses at IGNOU and Delhi University, including Diaspora Studies, British Literature, Comparative Literature and Linguistics.

Ms. Mishail Sharma
  • Guest Faculty

Mishail Sharma is an Assistant Professor (Guest) at Miranda House, University of Delhi, in the Department of English. She earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Delhi, her master's degree from Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, and her Master in Philosophy from Panjab University in Chandigarh. Her MPhil dissertation focused on Indian Popular Fiction, Postcolonial Studies, and Cultural Studies, and it looked at the complicated relationship between identity in flux and shifting socio-cultural and political dynamics in urban India. She has attended national and international conferences and workshops. She was a participant in two MHRD-sponsored SPARC research projects hosted at Jamia Millia Islamia, titled "Thinking with the Sea: Indian Ocean Histories" and "Oceans as Method," both of which were led by Dr. Dilip Menon (University of Witwatersrand) and Dr. Saarah Jappie (Princeton University). She has assisted in the production of educational resource materials for the University of Delhi's School of Open Learning. Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Popular Culture and Fiction, Literary Theory and Criticism, and Transnational Literature are some of her study interests.

Ms. Aanchal Awasthi
  • Guest Faculty
Ms. Sapna Kumari
  • Guest Faculty

Sapna Kumari is a Guest Assistant Professor in the department of English, Miranda House. She is also pursuing PhD in the department of English, Delhi University on the intersectional critique of the published/unpublished poems of Maya Angelou in the wake of Third wave and Fourth wave feminism. She has been associated with the Policy Centre and Gender Lab of the college as a mentor guiding students research. Before joining the University of Delhi, she had worked as a lecturer (full time) in English at Patna women’s college, an autonomous institution for over four years. A certified Digital Language Lab trainer to work with the software of Words Worth for English proficiency, her areas of interest/subject include Gender Studies, Feminist theory & literature, Young Adult literature, British literature, European classical, English language and communication skills, literary theory and criticism, creative writing in English, Indian English Literature, Popular Culture, Third world Cinema & literature, and American literature. She has published around 9 research papers and 7 book chapters and contributed book reviews for the Financial Express. One of her recent publications with Springer has been listed in the WHO Covid-19- Global literature on coronavirus disease resource 2021. She is also a member of the Programme Management Committee for the University of Delhi Centenary celebrations.

Mr. Anugya
  • Guest Faculty

Teaching is a continuation of writing by other means to Anugya. His purpose in doing either is to read and collaborate with others on reading our shared and unsharable world-texts with care, and by reading, to change them. He often employs the metaphor of translation to hold the twin processes of interpreting and changing worlds together. His interests include languages, philosophy, pedagogy, history, political economy, critical ecology, ethics, politics and everything literary.

Indu Kumari
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
Indira Mondal
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
Dikshya Samantarai
  • Assistant Professor

Dikshya Samantarai is a PhD Research Scholar from the Department of English, School of Humanities, IGNOU. Working on the representation of body politics in Jayanta Mahapatra’s poetry, her research contributes to critical discourses in Indian English Poetry. She completed her Masters in English from Hindu College, the University of Delhi in 2018. Her other areas of interest include science fiction, magic realism and theories on body politics. She has a few research publications in these areas as well. Before joining Miranda House, she taught at Laxmibai College (DU), Gautam Buddha University, the School of Open Learning and KIIT University. Some of the papers she has taught previously are Indian Writing in English, British Poetry and Drama (14th-17th century) and African Literature. 

Mridul Kiku
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)
Ms. Surabhi Goel
  • Guest Faculty

Surabhi Goel is an Assistant Professor (guest) at the department of English at Miranda House since February, 2020. She completed her M.Phil from the Department of English, Delhi University with distinction. She also holds a BA and an MA from the University of Delhi. Her M.Phil. dissertation was titled ‘Apocalypse Dreams: American Frontier Myths in the Age of Climate Change’. Some of the papers she has taught at various colleges across the university are Indian Classical LiteraturePopular FictionModern DramaTranslation StudiesCreative WritingLanguage, Literature, and Culture, Selections from Individual and Society, English Language through Literature, English Fluency, Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course, among others. American Literature and ecocriticism (or the environmental humanities) remain her broad areas of interest. Additionally, studies in violence and war interest her. She has presented two of her research papers at the annual conventions of the Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA), USA. Recently, she has undertaken the daunting task of translating some of Wallace Steven's poetry into Hindustani. 

Amrapali Sharma
  • Assistant Professor (Guest)

Formerly a student at the Department of English, University of Delhi, Amrapali Sharma is currently teaching at the Department of English, Miranda House. She has also worked as Associate Editor at Primus Books, Delhi. Her research interests include the transformation of a bio-medical 'ancien regime' in the early eighteenth century, with special reference to quarantine legislation. She has some publications in the area and has presented papers at national/international conferences. With an editorial experience of over five years, she is also interested in practices of academic book production and the protocols of scholarly writing.