Started by the batch of 2017 with Dr. Indira Prasad as the convenor, M.Etch was put together under the aegis of English Literary Society, MH. The first edition of the newsletter came out in print in September 2017. After a gap, the newsletter was revived in 2019 and taken to more digital and interactive social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and WordPress).

M.Etch gives students a chance to explore their creativity, brainstorm ideas, and express it through multiple mediums: writings (opinion pieces, humour, open letter, news, creative writing, lit nerds), pictures, illustrations, and paintings. Alongside, M.Etch gives out monthly books, films, music, and podcast recommendations. The photography team publishes photo albums, eminent and distinguished photographs titled under its section Famed Frames, photojournalism, and interviews with people associated with Miranda House in its most loved segment- Humans of Miranda. The fashion segment of the newsletter, Fashion, explores distinct aspects of the fashion industry.


M.Etch's first online issue came out in December, 2019. The theme was "Climate Change'', with Greta Thunberg on the cover page. M.Etch discussed Amazon forest fires, E-waste and it's recycling, pollution in Delhi during Diwali, The Art of Reading, Dissent in the age of Censorship and much more. The second issue came out in January which was based on the theme "Sexuality and Literature". It shed light on the History of the LGBTQIA+ movement, Trans Bill 2019, Queer Music etc. The March issue "Dissent in Dystopia '' discussed Hyper-Nationalism, Assam and CAA, Student Protests, Delhi violence, 2020. The last issue for this semester (April, 2020) carried the theme "A Room of Our Own". The newsletter offered fresh takes on Fashion, the #MeToo Movement, Intersectionality, Old Customs, Gender Neutrality, Feminism etc.

Under the Humans of Miranda segment, the photography team interviewed Hemant from the college's Nescafe shop, Rajkumari Didi from MH staff, Sanjay Bakshi, Sahil and Basanti from the Canteen, Nikhilesh and Roma Jha from the photocopy stall of the campus.


“Pandemos” was the theme of the first edition of Volume 2 that came out in August, 2020. M.etch discussed Education Trends and Economy in the Pandemic, Pandemic Art, Social Distancing, Isolation and Emptiness, Mental Health.

M.etch announced its new segment on Fashion. Under this segment M.etch spotlighted Organicbasics (an ethical and PETA approved athleisure wear company) and Alexander McQueen (a designer whose collections collapse aesthetics and revolution into the language of garments)

For the Humans of Miranda segment, the photography team interviewed Lakshmi Padmakumar and Oli Chatterjee from the Film Society of Miranda House The second issue came out in September 2020, under the theme 'Art and Revolution' which talked about issues like Dissent in India, Art as Repository, Art as protest in College Campus. A member of Miranda's North East Society, Preeti was interviewed for Humans of Miranda. She told us about how the North East society in these times of rising hatred and racial discrimination provides a safe and comforting environment to students from North East, gives them cultural freedom and a home away from home.

The third issue which came out in October was titled 'Spooktober' and explored themes like Myths, Gothic literature, Horrors in Movie Making, Indian Television and Horror, etc. Entries on the theme 'Haunted' were invited for the Monthly Photo Album. Joshua Hoffin's (a horror photographer) works were published in the newsletter.

The fourth issue (January, 2021) was centred around 'Taboos'. Topics like Desire, Mental Health, Sex and Gender were discussed. In February 2021, the issue titled 'This Side of Paradise' talked about Rhetorics of War, Global War threats, War Writing, Life in the Indian border villages etc. M. Etch 2020-21's last issue was published in November 2021. The Newsletter is a vibrant space for plural voices and multiple themes and interests!

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