Department of Geography - Life in the Department

Department of Geography, Miranda House, University of Delhi is an academic environment that represents every dimension of modern education. The multi-culturalism of the department is reflected in every academic and extracurricular activity, making them better. It might be a small part of the student’s life as the three years pass by in a blink, but the students are left with memories for a lifetime. Beyond classrooms, the Geography Society Miranda House provides a unique experience of sharing and interaction. The rich culture of academic vigour along with beautiful extracurricular activities is what 'The Geography Society' contributes to the department and college. It provides a unique platform for academic exchanges including seminars, symposiums, workshops, debates to the students where they share their idea.

The Department has its own Student Union that manages department activities under the Guidance of TIC (Teacher-in-charge) and Staff Advisor.

The Geography Society hosts a number of programmes throughout the year. The Geography Society celebrates its annual festival 'GLOBE' with wide participation from students across the University. It includes a range of activities and competitions which is met with enthusiastic participation. It includes photography competitions, quizzes, treasure hunts, debate competitions, speech competition and the much-awaited paper presentation competition.  Students from across the university participate, creating a lively atmosphere extending beyond the area of the geography department. The Globe is the most awaited fest for geography. Professors and students coordinate and celebrate the fest together with great enthusiasm.

Adding to the vibrancy of the department, the Geography Society publishes its annual magazine 'Geographica' which incorporates both Hindi and English sections to make it more inclusive.  An endeavour by students and faculty members 'Geographica' rightly carries the ideas and creativity of young students, the future Geographers, writers and scholars.The editorial board of the department takes on the task of publishing this magazine every year. It covers a wide variety of themes, ranging from youth action in climate change to pluralistic cultures and identities, presented through articles, travelogues, crossword puzzles and photographs. Every year “Geographica” is designed based on a theme. For the year 2021 the theme was “South Asian societies- Pluralistic Cultures and Identities” and for the year 2022, the theme is – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. The entries submitted by Students, across university, is welcomed based on the theme.

Overall, the department remains engaged in activities that are not only creatively engaging but lead to the holistic growth of the students beyond academics. In the tough times of pandemic, where students are far and missing the college vibes, the department conducted a Virtual Tour for the students to know about their department, college and University. The tour was organized by students of third year, and it was enjoyed by every student which made them feel very enthusiastic for the department right from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Each year, to enhance the practical learning in students and enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge on field second and third year students of department are taken on research field work to different places with unique physiographic and social economic significance. Very recently in the year 2019-20 second- and third-year students went on an exciting trip to Kutch and Goa respectively to explore the field from a practical point of view and experience the socio-economic lifestyle of people residing in those states. However, during the unprecedented times of covid-19 when field trips could not be conducted, the department conducted online survey of residents of Uttarakhand about their lifestyle changes and challenges they faced during the pandemic.


Society Activities