Dr. Nisha Bala Tyagi M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Delhi University)
An alumna of Miranda House, Dr.Tyagi has also done her post doctorate research in Gandhi and Tolstoy from Delhi University. She has been to Gandhi Foundation (U.K.), Berlin and Erlarngen University(Germany) to deliver lectures on Gandhi. In Berlin, she had also signed the manifesto against conscription and the military system .She has a published book entitled ‘Goodness: the Gandhian way of life’. She has published a number of research papers and book reviews. Nisha has also been associated with the post graduate teaching in the University Department. Her main interests are in logic, ethics, Gandhi and Indian philosophy.


Dr. Reena Kannojiya, Ph.D (JNU)
Dr. Reena Kannojiya is an Assistant Professor at Miranda House, University of Delhi, Delhi, India.She is an academician, author, speaker, and academic mentor. Presently, she is in Incharge of the Philosophy Department(2020-2022).She did Ph.D. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Her specialization is in the field of Indian and WesternPhilosophy related toConsciousness, Mind, Phenomenology, Advaita Vedanta, Ethics, and Buddhism. She was awardedResearch Fellowship from the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, Delhi, India. She participated and presented research papers in several International and National seminars and conferences. She has published books, book chapters with national and international publishers. She is also credited withresearch papers, articles published in peer-reviewedjournals and newspapers.She supervised M.Philstudents in the field of Buddhism and supervising Ph.D. students.


Dr. Pratibha M.A.(Delhi), Ph.D (Punjab University)
Dr. Pratibha has published research articles to her credit. Her main interests are in epistemology and social and political philosophy.

Dr. Raj Verma Sinha, M.A.,Ph.D.(JNU)
Dr.Raj has published a book entitled ‘Sense data and perception’. She has translated a book of logic in Hindi and also has publications to her credit. She has interest in logic, western and Indian philosophy.

Dr. Simmi Valechha