The Department of Philosophy established in 1948. It is one of the oldest departments of Miranda House. The department offers:

1. B.A (Honours) course
2. B.A Programme

The department has an incredibly diverse and specialized faculty. The curriculum provided by the department helps students develop analytical thinking and rational problem-solving approach. It also helps enhance skills like persuasive writing, innovative questioning, speaking, and the ability to assess information from various angles. This subject creates a vast area of opportunities for its students. Many students have pursued academics, journalism, law, administration, business, and fine arts, after their graduation and have been hugely successful.


Philosophy cannot be limited to books. It is around us. We live Philosophy. The faculty very well acknowledges this fact and imparts in-depth understanding to the students. The primary mode of teaching is classroom lectures. During this process, regular debates are encouraged, and doubts are always welcomed. It helps students to think and practice the lessons taught in class. During tutorial sessions, further clarity is imparted to students. Since here one on one interaction is provided. The faculty of the department are not only teachers but also mentors who offer guidance, support, and motivation in all situations and circumstances.

In addition to this, students are also provided with various resources to read. As the following:

  1. Offline- Materials, Books, Readings, and Articles.
  2. Online- Access to journal articles and e-books, through recognized portals like JStor. Videos, audios, and PDFs are provided too.
  3. Self-sustained department Library- The department has an exclusive library where reference books are available.

Students are also given assignments and quizzes via which their grasp of the subject further increases. Seminars are conducted regularly for providing additional exposure to students. Academicians from well-renowned institutes are also invited to give lectures that offer further guidance to the students.

Capacity Building

The department realizes that along with the conventional method of teaching, it is essential to include various other methods like- seminars, debates, discussions, workshops, online teaching, and more to impart knowledge to the students for their overall development. A series of seminar, workshop and talks was conducted by Philosophy department out of which few are mentioned as follows:

  1. A talk conducted recently on - 'The Happititude Class,' which focused on intensifying one's aptitude for happiness.
  2. A talk conducted on the topic' Diversity in India' by Dr. Suraj Yengde, Harvard University.
  3. A talk was conducted on – "The role of Women in Interfaith Dialogue" by inviting Dr. Varun Soni, Dean of Religious Life, University of Southern California.
  4. An essay competition was also conducted on the topic- "The Significance of Karma in Human Life; As Advocated in Bhagavad -Gita."
  5. A workshop by "AYUDH Youth Motivational Session" was conducted on the topic "Catching a Glimpse of Your Potential, is the Birth of Passion."
  6. A talk – "Mind Matters" was conducted by the Director of Youth Affairs, The Art of Living.
  7. A ZUMBA dance workshop was conducted with the theme- Philosophers in Motion.

Such opportunities help students develop their overall understanding ability and also develop their personality. Hence the department focuses on not only excellence in academics of students but also the overall development. This proves to be extremely beneficial for students in all aspects and gives them more confidence and motivation to achieve their dreams.