Dr. Shraddha Shukla
  • Associate Professor

Dr. Shraddha Shukla, Associate Professor, after her Post-Graduation in Sanskrit from University of Delhi with specialisation in Poetics and Literature was awarded PhD on 'Valmiki Ramayan tatha Uttar-Ramcharit ka tulnatmak vivechan'. She has organised many lectures, seminars and workshops on behalf of College Society and has done extensive work on Purans including two translations. She has published many articles and authored books. She has been awarded 'Sanskrit Samaradhak Samman' by Delhi Sanskrit Academy. She has also been guiding M.Phi; and PhD students. She has been a member of Delhi Sanskrit Academy for 4 years and is currently a member of Committee of Cources of Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi. 

Dr. Rekha Arora
  • Associate Professor

Dr. Rekha Arora, Associate Professor, completed her post graduation in Sanskrit from University of Delhi with specialisation in Grammar, securing 2nd rank at the University during her bachelor's as well as masters. Post that, she went ahead to pursue PhD in Grammatical philosophy. Her topic of research was - 'A study of Sanskrit semantics upto 7th century AD(based on grammatical works)'.  She has been actively engaged in research work and has published many articles and research papers. She has played a key role in organising workshops, seminars, lectures for the college along with providing mentorship to the students for their contribution towards such activities. She has been a guide to over 10 PhD & MPhil students in the recent past. She is currently an active member of Syllabus reviewing committee of UGC.


Dr. Meena Kumari
  • Associate Professor

Dr. Meena Kumari is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sanskrit, Miranda house. She has done her Graduation and Post-Graduation in Sanskrit from Miranda House itself. She completed her MPhil. and Ph.D. in Dharmshastra making it her field of specialization. She has organized many lectures, seminars, workshops, and cultural programs in association with various college societies. At present, she is a member of Faculty advisory committee  Students Union of Miranda house . She has also been an author for various short stories published in Champak and Nandan. Dr. Meena has edited 3 coursebooks and along with that she also got her M.Phil. dissertation published. She has presented approximately 20 papers in Different National and International Seminars while also publishing a few of them. She is a great nature lover who firmly believes that Sanskrit and Nature are closely related like threads of a cloth.

Ms. Seema Rani
  • Assistant Professor

Seema Rani joined the Department of Sanskrit at Miranda House in 2008. She completed her B.A. from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak and Masters from Hans Raj College, University of Delhi . She has completed her M.phil in Dharmshastra from University of Delhi. She has submitted her Ph.D Thesis and completed her research work on the topic of 'Third  Gender in Sanskrit Vangmaya'. She has published many research papers in National and International Journals. She has conducted many lectures, seminars, cultural activities and workshops in the College. She has been awarded, 'Sanskrit Samaradhak Samman' by Delhi Sanskrit Academy. She is also an active member of different societies and academic work. 

Dr. Madhu Bala Singh
  • Associate Professor

Dr. Madhu Bala Singh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sanskrit at Miranda House.She awarded her Ph.D. in Indian Philosophy from Department of Sanskrit, University of Delhi. She Completed her M.Phil. in Sanskrit Grammar and qualified NET by U.G.C. She completed her Masters in Sanskrit from Indraprastha College in Sanskrit grammar. She did B.ed. from L.B.S University.

She has Published many Research paper in National and International Journals She has been Awarded Sanskrit Samaradhak Samman by Delhi Sanskrit Academy and also awarded for Pratibha Puruskar 5 times continously.She has been awarded Best Nobal and Deserving Student Award 4 times & Best all rounder Student of Sanskrit Department while She was Persuing her B.A and M.A . She has been also Awarded for being among the top 0.1% of Succesful Candidate for C.B.S.E, Delhi

She has conducted & mentored  of  Sanskrit speaking course in collaboration with Sanskrit Bharti which has Benifited many Teachers & Students of college.She has Organized many national workshop and Seminar also .She did Innovation research Project on Business ethics in Bhagvadgeeta.She was member of Committee of UG & PG Courses of Department of Sanskrit,University of Delhi continously 4 years.

Mr. Chandan Kumar Mishra
  • Assistant Professor

Dr. Chandan Kumar Mishra, an Assistant Professor, has committed five and a half years in Miranda House, University of Delhi and other reputed colleges like Maitreyi College and KMC of Delhi University. After completing his Post Graduation in Sanskrit from DU with specialisation in Epigraphy. He has acquired his further qualifications like M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Sanskrit (Epigraphy) from DU itself. He knows recitation of Samaveda, Rigveda and Yajurveda since childhood. He has been awarded in 12th India Conference of Waves. His articles are well available in “VIDYAWARTA, SODH KALPTARU and SAMBHAVYA”. He has published many research papers on “Vedic Sanskriti Evam Harappa Sabhyata Ka Pourvaparya”, “Manav aur Prakriti Ka Sambandh”,” Srishtigat Anusandhan Mein Pashchatya Vidwanon Ka Mulyankan”.

Ms. Richa
  • Guest Faculty

I am currently enrolled in PHD at Delhi University, department of Sanskrit. I have done my M.phil with the specialisation of Vedic studies topic titled ‘shukla yajurveda ke ashatm adhyay ka samikshatmak adhyayan’ and aslo completed my Masters program in Sanskrit. I am interested sanhita, brahmana, aranyaka, upnishada and vedanga. I possess strong skills in the area of computer that will help to work with minimum need. I am aware of Indian knowledge system (IKS) especially in Chaturdasha Vidhya. That is having core value for every person to understand the nature, univers and humanity. The Para and Aapra vidya helps to become a good human being. Having good knowledge in sanskrit i can also work in Hindi and English. I am focusing heavily on this area to learn more and contribute in Indian knowledge system. I would appreciate the opportunity to expand on my qualifications with the experts. I look forward to being a part of this initiative.


Dr. Aneesh Mishra
  • Guest Faculty

Dr. Aneesh Mishra(M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D, Net.) has been teaching Sanskrit for the last 10 years at Colleges of  University of Delhi in different capacities. (Ad-hoc & Guest positions). 

He is awarded with Ph.D. Degree by the University of Delhi on the topic titled  'काव्यप्रकाश की टीकाओं में विस्तारिका टीका का स्थान' in Sanskrit.  He completed his M. Phil. in Sanskrit from University of Delhi, Delhi on 'विवेकानंद चरितम् महाकाव्य का काव्यशास्त्रीय अध्ययन'. He did his graduation and Post Graduation from DDU Gorakhpur University.

He has published two books and many research articles and write ups to his credit with the reputed publishers and journals respectively.

He has also served at University of Delhi for several years as a full-time Assistant Professor on ad-hoc basis at Ramjas College and Miranda  House.

He has attended Foundation Course on LLC-1 Sanskrit from UGC-ASC CPDHE University Of Delhi. He contributed as an expert in Fundamental Administrative Terminology of Govt. Of India Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology. He is also skilled in online teaching and attended Workshop on E-content Development and Online Pedagogy organized by CPDHE (UGC-HRDC) University of Delhi.