The college understands that admission to a UG Course at a college of choice is an extremely stressful exercise for young students and their families. The high demand ratio and strong competition add to the tension. The cutoff for almost all courses at MH is extremely high. Viewing education it provides as a service to the nation and its citizens, MH manages admissions with sensitivity and goodwill. It maintains highest levels of public probity and is firmly committed to fair, transparent and well publicised policies and processes.

Transparency: Transparency is ensured by the seamless flow of information from several quarters into the public domain on the admission process and criteria that constitute the basis of selection. Admission to MH is entirely on the basis of merit. Information at every stage is shared on the college website and the official notice boards. Stakeholder satisfaction is valued and in addition to the PRO, the Admissions Grievance Committee begins functioning early.

Stringent Verification: All student documents are scrupulously checked to ensure their validity and establish eligibility. For reserved categories, the process of verification often continues till after admissions as corroboration is sought from the organization or entity issuing the certificate.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion: The college upholds the national policy on reservations and the guidelines for filling these seats. For SC/ST category students, seats that remain unfilled are widely advertised and selection criteria is lowered to the minimum eligibility criteria.