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Students aspiring for admission on basis of excellence in ECA are required to indicate this on the centralized Online Admission Form specifying explicitly interest in Miranda House. Further, they would be required to specify the choice of extracurricular activity. Students may apply for admission under any Extra Curricular Activity category listed in the DU Bulletin. Candidates should have participated in the activity during the last three years and have documentary evidence to support this.

Miranda House looks forward to admitting immensely talented students under the following ECA sub-categories:

S. No. Category Activities Sub-categories
I Culture
  1. Creative Writing
    1.1 Creative Writing: Hindi
    1.2 Creative Writing: English
  2. Dance
    2.1 Indian Classical
    2.2 Indian Folk
    2.3 Western
    2.4 Choreography
  3. Debate
    3.1 Debate: Hindi
    3.2 Debate: English
  4. Digital Media
    4.1 Still Photography
    4.2 Film Making
    4.3 Animation
  5. Fine Arts
    5.1 Sketching & Painting
    5.2 Sculpture
  6. Music (Vocal)
    6.1 Indian Vocal (Classical, Light and Folk)
    6.2 Western (Classical and Light)
  7. Music (Instrumental)
    7.1 Indian Instrumental
    7.2 Western Instrumental
  8. Theatre
  9. Quiz

  • Auditions for ECA will be centrally conducted at venues and dates notified by the DU Culture Council/ ECA Admission Committee.
  • Admission at Miranda House will be on the basis of merit list drawn by the Culture Council/ ECA Admission Committee.
  • Miranda House offers 5% concession for admission on basis of excellence in ECA.
  • Seats reserved for Sports and ECA taken together cannot exceed 5%.
  • Students admitted under this category are required to give an undertaking that they will actively participate in the ECA on basis of which they are admitted and perform for the college and the University in all years of study. Failure to do so will lead to cancellation of admission.