The college fee for the first year students for various courses is given below. It is paid online at the University of Delhi Admission Portal before a student is admitted to the college. The second and third year students are required to pay fee online on the college portal. The fee is likely to be revised shortly.

Course * Total Fee
B.A. Programme 14160
B. A. Honours
B. A. (H) English 14160
B. A. (H) History 14160
B. A. (H) Philosophy 14160
B. A. (H) Sociology 14160
B. A. (H) Sanskrit 14160
B. A. (H) Hindi 14160
B. A. (H) Economics 14160
B. A. (H) Political Science 14160
B. A. (H) Bengali 14160
B. A. (H) Music 14560
B. A. (H) Geography 17080
B. Sc. Honours
B. Sc. (H) Mathematics 17100
B. Sc. (H) Physics 19200
B. Sc. (H) Chemistry 19600
B. Sc. (H) Botany 19800
B. Sc. (H) Zoology 19800
B. Sc.
B. Sc. Life Sciences 19490
B. Sc. Physical Sciences(Computer Science) 18590
B. El. Ed 19000
M.A. Courses
M.A. Economics 19030
M.A. Music 15330
M. A. (in other disciplines) 14530
M.Sc. Courses
M. Sc. Mathematics 14530
M. Sc. Physics 15170
M. Sc. Chemistry 15770
M. Sc. Botany/Zoology/Anthropology 16170

* Fee is subject to revision

  • SC/ST students whose parent's income is such that they are not paying Income tax are exempt from the payment of the College Tuition Fee and College Admission Fee amounting to Rs. 186. They are required to submit an affidavit in support of this claim. Refund will be provided after verification of required documents in due course.
  • Applicants given approval for admission are required to pay the fee on the UG Admission Portal.
  • Students admitted should refer to the College Handbook for a detailed list of Awards and Scholarships.
  • Special Financial Assistance is extended by the College to select students.
  • Needy students may submit applications for financial assistance supported by documents substantiating claim of financial need. The applications should reach the Bursar of the College.
  • Selection would be on the basis of evaluation of need-cum-merit.
  • Exceptionally needy meritorious students (about 5 in number) may be given Financial Assistance at the time of admission.
  • The college retains the right to revise the fee at any time during the year.
  • Foreign Students Registration Fees is to be charged separately in Indian Rs. 15,000/-
  • Tibetan student are exempted from paying University Registration Fee.
  • Fee of PwD students is Rs. 76