Attendance requirements for students is as per amended ordinance VII (2) notified by the University on 14 June 2010 again clarified by the letter from the Registrar dated 5 September 2011.

Amended Ordinance VII Clause 2(2)

The required conditions for pursuing a regular course shall not be deemed to have been satisfied in respect of the following degrees unless the candidate has attended not less than two-thirds of lectures and practicals , sererately, delivered in his/her college or the University , as the case may be.

  • The rules for minimum attendance requirements must be strictly followed.
  • As per Ordinance VII 9(a) subject to the provision of the sub clauses (b) and (c)

Ordinance VII 9 (a)

  1. In the case of a student who is selected as a member of the NCC to participate in the annual NCC Camps or is deputed to undertake Civil Defense work and allied duties or in the case of a student who is enrolled in the NSS and is deputed to various public assignments by or with the approval of the Head of the institution concerned or a student who is selected to participate in sports or other activities organized by the Interuniversity board or in national or international fixtures in games or sports approved by the Vice- Chancellor or a student who is required to represent the university at the Interuniversity Youth Festival , or a student who is required to participate in periodical training in the territorial army or a student who is deputed by the college to take part in Inter-College sports or fixtures, debates, seminars, symposia or social work projects or a student who is required to represent the college in in debates and other extracurricular activities approved by the Vice Chancellor for this purpose, in calculating the total number of lectures etc delivered in the college, or in the university, as the case may be, for his/her course of study in each academic year, the number of lectures etc., in subject delivered, during the period of absence for that purpose shall not be taken into account
  2. The Principal of the college may consider, on the basis of the medical certificates produced, exceptionally hard cases of students who had fallen ill or had met with an accident during the year disabling them from attending classes for a certain period, with a view to determining whether the lectures etc. delivered during the said period, or a part thereof, could be excluded for the purpose of calculation of attendance of the year and decide each case on its own merit.
    • The college shall notify on the notice board the final attendance position of each of the students within three days of the dispersal of classes in the last session of the academic year. Not later than five days, thereafter, a student may, by an application to the Principal of the college, claim benefit of exclusion of lectures under sub-clause (a) stated above on the grounds to be specified and accompanied by the relative documents. All such applications submitted within time shall be considered and disposed of by the Principal of the college at least three days prior to the commencement of the examination, in which the student is intending to appear.
    • The benefit of exclusion of lectures contemplated in categories 1 and 2 of the sub clause (a) stated above, either separately or jointly, shall in no case exceed 1/3 of the total number of the lectures delivered.

    Under all circumstances, the minimum attendance requirements are strictly followed and students will be allowed to appear for their final University Examinations only on fulfillment of the minimum attendance requirements.