• Ordinance XV of the University has laid down the procedure for maintenance of discipline among students of the University.
  • No member of the University community academic staff member or student member, shall engage in conduct likely to disrupt teaching, study, examinations, research, administration, or to obstruct any officer of the University or College in the performance of his/her duties, or damage, deface any property of the University or of any College or occupy or use any of the same otherwise than in accordance with the rules or other provisions made therefore by the University or College authority concerned.
  • All problems arising in the University can be dealt with as problems to be resolved in the University community provided a well understood code of conduct is observed by all concerned.
  • The procedures of student welfare which need to be strengthened and expanded should be kept separate from the procedures of student discipline.
  • Any action that is coercive in nature or constitutes a threat to life or property within the University shall be recognized as a law and order problem to be dealt with accordingly.

Students are to note the following General Rules

  • All common areas of the college, including the library are under 24x7 CC-TV surveillance.
  • Any damage to college property shall invite disciplinary action.
  • Students must not congregate in the foyer and corridors, or speak loudly near the classrooms and office block.
  • Students should not receive personal visitors in the College during college hours. In cases of extreme urgency, the Principal may be contacted for permission.
  • The office telephones may be used by students only in cases of emergency.
  • Day scholars are not allowed inside the Hostel or the rooms of the residents.
  • Students are expected to attend all department events and other College functions.
  • The College office is open to students for transacting business on all working days between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm only. However, students are advised to consult college notice boards/website for routine information.
  • Students are responsible for their personal belongings including laptops, mobiles, handbags, books etc. The college is not responsible for the loss of personal property. Students are advised not to bring large sums of money, jewellery or other valuables to the college.
  • Any change in the residential address of a student should be immediately communicated to the College.
  • Students suffering from any contagious diseases are advised not to attend College.
  • Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse.