Conduct Rules at Examinations

  • No candidate who is late by more than half an hour shall be admitted to the examination hall, and no candidate must leave examination hall in the first half an hour.
  • Each candidate must show her admission Ticket, if demanded.
  • Candidate must not leave the examination hall without handing over their answer books to the invigilator on duty.
  • Each candidate will fill up the required information on her answer book before beginning to write the answers.
  • No candidate shall tear a leaf or a part of it from the answer book or a continuation sheet.
  • Candidate should write their roll numbers on the question paper, immediately after receiving it.
  • Candidates are forbidden to remove any paper from the room, except the question paper.
  • Wherever instructed, candidates should not write their names or the name of the college or any other distinctive mark leading to disclosure of their identity or that of their institution, in their answer books or continuation sheets.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the examination hall.

According to Ordinance X-A, the use of dishonest or unfair means in the examination are as follows:

  • Assisting in any manner whatsoever any other candidate in answering the question paper during the course of examination.
  • Carrying into the examination hall any book, paper, notes or any other material, likely to be used by the candidate, directly or indirectly, in connection with the examination.
  • Smuggling in answer books or continuation sheets.
  • Taking out or arranging to send out answer books, its pages or continuation sheets.
  • Impersonation during examination.
  • Deliberately disclosing one's identity or making any distinctive mark in the answer book for that purpose.
  • Communicating with or talking to any other candidate or unauthorized person/ in or around the examination room during the course of the examination.

Disorderly conduct in the examination includes:

  • Misbehaviour in connection with the examination, with the superintendent, the invigilator on duty or with any other in or around the examination centre, during or after the examination hour.
  • Leaving the examination room before the expiry of half an hour without handing over the answer book, to the invigilator or without signing the attendance sheet.
  • Intentionally tearing off the answer book pages thereof or the continuation sheets.
  • Disturbing or disrupting the process of examination.
  • Inciting others to leave the examination hall or to disturb or to disrupt the examination.
  • Carrying into the examination centre any weapon of offence.

A candidate who is found guilty of using dishonest or unfair means or disorderly conduct during the examination may be disqualified from the examination for which she is a candidate. Further the candidate may be debarred from appearing in any future examination of the University for a period to be stated or be expelled from the University and declared not a fit and proper person to be admitted to any further examination of the University.