Miranda House is committed to providing a liberal and nurturing environment to its student community. Its ethos is rooted in inclusive education. It believes that the prime goal of higher education is to inculcate a deep sense of respect for diversity and provide equal opportunity to all students, irrespective of caste, creed, socioeconomic, cultural, or religious background. The college takes great pride in its success at achieving excellence with equity. It is known for imparting education that produces sensitive, caring and engaged citizens with a strong sense of social responsibility and deep rooted humanism.

The Equal Opportunity Cell, the forum for North East Students, Lakshita, the Enabling Society and the Women Development Cell are the four pillars supporting the inclusive edifice of the college. With great sensitivity, they enable students to overlay a new identity, that of the institution, irrespective of their background. This new identity is rooted in the institutional values that empower and give innate confidence.

Students are expected to remember at all times that

  • They are expected to uphold the legacy and values of the institution at all times.
  • The prestige of the college has been built assiduously over seven decades of sustained excellence.
  • They are members of a community that has a clearly spelt out mission and vision (hyperlink).
  • The college takes great pride in the liberal values it imparts and the role it plays towards women's empowerment.
  • The college leads movements for a fair, just and equitable world.
  • The college has zero tolerance towards ills that besiege student world and society, such as willful indiscipline, ragging, abuse of substance, violation of rules, ordinances and legislations; misuse of democratic rights. And breach of constitutional framework.

  • The college expects exemplary behavior from its students as is expected of those who are torchbearers of great traditions and shall be leaders of tomorrow. Above all, students are expected to uphold the constitution of India and be proactive partners in college's mission of providing excellence in education with equity.