Proctorial Committee is concerned with maintain discipline in College. It is a representative body comprising faculty members and elected student representatives.

All students are required to maintain good discipline and congenial environment while studying in the college. The students shall not indulge in activities amounting to an act of indiscipline such as:

  • Defacing the building or any structure and damaging the institute property.
  • Use of mobile phone in the academic areas including lecture rooms/ halls, corridors and the library.
  • Any other act, which is deemed by the competent authority to be an act of indiscipline.

Any student who indulges in an act(s) of indiscipline such as above will face severe disciplinary action(s).

Ragging is an offence. The Proctorial Committee will undertake preventive and prohibitive anti-ragging measures as per Ordinance XV-C, University of Delhi. At the time of admission and at the beginning of n academic session, every student has to give an undertaking pledging non-participation in any form of ragging. Every student is provided with a booklet on the University of Delhi Anti-ragging Ordinance. This should be adhered to strictly.