The Cafeteria has been aesthetically renovated and is furnished with custom-designed furniture. It includes a well-ventilated open kitchen for preparation of certain food items, with chimney hoods above burner stoves. Utmost hygiene is maintained at the food counters, dedicated storage spaces for grocery, cookware crockery and cutlery and dish washing area. Additional large room adjoining the main hostel kitchen and opening into the cafeteria complex is used for preparation work and most of the heavy duty cooking. Water supply for cooking and drinking purpose is from the Hostel Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant.

Food Kiosks: The student activity area has two very popular food kiosks, the Nescafe Kiosk and the Pizza and More (PAM). Additionally there is a Quick Bite Kiosk at the main college gate close to science departments. The canteen contractor also runs a Night Dhaba for benefit of hostel students from 9 pm to 11 pm. The hostel student have self-organized themselves to run a tuck shop for residents, with shared responsibility.

Drinking Water

The college is committed to providing sufficient and uninterrupted water of good quality to the entire college. An Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Plant has been installed in the main college block to provide water to all water coolers and drinking water outlets. The permeate water quantity is 1000 LH, identical to the one installed in the academic block. A Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract with the manufacturer/supplier of the plant ensures regular servicing of equipment as well as treated Water Quality Testing on critical parameters such as turbidity, total hardness, chlorides, sulphates and TDS.

The college has an Annual Cleaning and Maintenance Contract for cleaning of all underground and overhead tanks in all areas of the college every six months. The college plumber regularly checks that all tank lids are properly locked; problems of leakage and overflow are addressed as soon as they occur.