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A Medical Support Unit was established at Miranda House, located within the hostel in January 2014. It is a facility shared with the college. It augments the prevalent arrangement where all students in residence are compulsorily members of World University Service (WUS) Health Centre, University of Delhi, located at V. P. Patel Chest Institute, across the road from Miranda House. WUS provides basic medical facilities to the students. The in-house medical unit is well equipped and professionally supported by neighborhood Hospital Nu Life. A Nurse is on duty 6 days of the week from Monday to Saturday, 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m. The doctor is available for consultation 3 days a week from a.m. to p.m. This facility is ideal for regular health check up and treating common medical issues like cough and cold, indigestion, minor cuts, bruises, aches, pains, sports injuries and mild fever, et cetera. The centre stocks emergency medicines for allergy, pain, fever, asthama, and other common ailments.

Sickbay: A Sick Room with 2 medical beds and a patient attendant bed is located across the doctor's consultation room and warden's quarters. Necessary medical equipment available in the medical room includes Blood Pressure Machine, Glucometer, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinder, Glucose drip, etc.

Medical Emergency Protocol: The college has a well defined protocol for efficient handling of medical emergencies, at all hours. A wheel Chair, stretcher and transport are readily available. With first aid provided, the student is rushed to WUS for professional advise. If recommended, the student is shifted to a well recognized neighborhood hospitals like Bara Hindu Rao and St. Stephens Hospital, accompanied by the warden. The Principal and the hostel committee faculty members are kept informed. Local guardians and parents are also informed early and consulted for course of action.