The college stands committed to working towards safety of all these students. Initiatives and interventions are multipronged. These involve creating better infrastructure inside the college; enhancing safety in the immediate environment in collaboration with civic agencies; creating strong peer and student-faculty interaction, providing mentoring and counselling services, creating oversight and redressal mechanisms for all students. However, at all times, the individual's privacy and dignity is respected.

Security Guards: The college has round the clock security of high standards. To this end it employs a large number of well-trained guards on 24 hour roster. Security has been outsourced to a professional agency. Lady security guards are employed during the day at the college entry gates.

Disaster Preparation: Educational institutes of repute are expected to be well prepared and vigilant to handle all forms of emergencies. A comprehensive disaster management plan and protocol is in place. Miranda House Geography Department has created an Evacuation Plan for the entire college. This is well displayed. Students are sensitized through Mock drills to respond to alarms including those in case of fire, terror or natural disaster; services of City Police, Fire Department, Red Cross and CISF have been solicited for this training.

This has entailed creation of the following facilities:

  • Fire Extinguishers: The college has installed Fire fighting equipment at all strategic locations after a comprehensive Fire Fighting Audit by pertinent agency. The equipment is well maintained and college ensures that it is functional.
  • CCTV: As part of security measure, the college has installed a vast network of CCTV cameras covering the boundary, gates, open spaces, corridors and other critical areas while protecting privacy of teaching-learning and social spaces. There are 48 CCTV Cameras in the College Area, 64 in the Library Area and 16 in the Hostel Area, all with two-week recording.
  • Public Address System: This covers the entire college area with 15 Sound Projector Speakers, Horn Loud Speakers, PA Amplifier system with 2 inputs and microphones for addressing from tow locations. The Hostel has its own PA system.