Miranda House has been ranked as the Number 1 amongst colleges by NIRF Ranking 2022. | Virtual Tour of Miranda House

This newly constructed semicircular hall on top of the exposed brick-work Cafeteria Building, follows the original heritage design. Akin to the Heritage Hall, the spacious hall is again a Learning Studio. It is used in a variety of ways for both academic, co-curricular and extracurricular enrichment programmes. It is furnished to suit the need of any specific event. It was inaugurated with organization of an interactive workshop on Upanishads followed by a collaborative event with TERI titled Rhythms, with discussions ranging from state of river Yamuna to Climate Change. Since then, it has hosted innumerable events.

It is used variously as a seminar hall with capacity of 125 or for Banquet Style Conference. It has Multimedia Projection facilities, high quality sound system and Video Recording facilities made available on request. It also has a studio space for fine arts and a Storage Section with Cupboards for property belonging to Cultural Societies.