Potential donors may consider sponsoring education of a student who the college can help identify. They can institute a scholarship or an award through an endowment corpus. Or they can contribute to the Principal's Fund used exclusively for providing financial assistance to needy students.

General donations to the college are also welcome. These are used variously towards implementation of vital infrastructure development and other key projects following due process, giving due credit to the contributor. The donation can be untagged or tagged to a specific project.

Donations are accepted through cheque made in favour of Principal, Miranda House; or through E-Payment to Donation Account details of which are provided once the college takes a decision on accepting the terms of the donation. Cash payments are not accepted. Any financial assistance to the student is transferred directly to her bank account. Donations to the college, an educational institute of eminence, are 100% exempt from Income Tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Under this provision, the college is committed to using donations received, wholly and exclusively to furthering the cause of education, for which it was established

Principal's Fund

Principal's Fund supports students in dire need of financial assistance. The mandate of this fund is to provide quick and timely support based on the merits of the case. The process begins from the time of admission when some applicants seeking admission are unable to pay the requisite fee despite meeting the high academic criteria for admission. The assistance is granted on recommendation of faculty and/or selection following due process. It is kept simple keeping in mind the emotional quotient of a student in financial distress. Full fee assistance is extended to few students from this fund so that they can be admitted. Inbuilt flexibility permits immediate need-based help to the most deserving.

Donations under this head can be general contributions to the fund to be used for students in need at the discretion of the college. Contribution of any denomination is appreciated. Through this fund, donors can also institute a scholarship to support needs of an individual student by providing financial assistance towards partial or full college fee, hostel fee, or general support to the student.

Endowment Fund

Endowment Fund carries the name decided by the donor. These can be in the form of one time contribution to create a corpus that can be

  • used in its entirety to provide scholarship(s) or award(s) to student(s) in accordance with an approved criteria.
  • invested in a term deposit with interest accrued being apportioned to provide scholarship(s) or award(s) to student(s) in accordance with an approved criteria.

The Governing Body reserves the right to decide the minimum amount of endowment and how the interest accrued will be apportioned towards the scholarship(s) or award(s). The college provides only monetary awards that are transferred directly into student bank account. It discourages institution of gold/ silver medals or trophies. Endowment All awards are accompanied by a Certificate and distributed on the Founder' Day on 7 March at a befitting ceremony, unless desired otherwise by the donor.

Alumnae Fund

Alumnae Fund is maintained and managed by the Miranda House Alumnae Association (MHAA). Donations to MHAA have been used in the past to set up Merit as well as Need- based Donor Scholarships through dedicated corpus funds. MHAA often channelizes donations for student awards to the college as Endowment Funds. Click here to see the details.