Veda Thakurdas Memorial Lecture: This lecture was instituted in memory of the late Ms Veda Thakurdas, founder Principal of Miranda House. The fund was created in 1985 by a donation made by her nieces for conducting the Memorial Lecture every year.

V. Krishna Memorial Event: This event was instituted in 1987, in memory of the late Ms. V. Krishna, one of the first teachers to join Miranda House. The fund was created by the contributions made by her husband, friends and colleagues. This is a growing fund and every year people add to it. The object of this memorial event is to encourage and promote activities connected with English studies such as seminars, symposia, public lectures and dramatic productions, as well as to undertake such other activities and programmes as may be of relevance to English studies.

M. L. Gupta Memorial Lecture: Dr. Kaushalya Gupta, a former reader in Sanskrit Department in Miranda House, instituted this in 1993 in memory of the late Shri M. L. Gupta. Sanyukta Chaudhari Memorial Lecture: Mr. D. N. Chaudhari instituted this memorial lecture in 1997 in memory of his wife Sanyukta Choudhari, who was the seniormost teacher in Sanskrit Department.

Manasi Ram Memorial Lecture: An annual lecture in memory of the late Dr. Manasi Ram, Reader in Botany (1965-95), was instituted by her husband, Prof. H.Y. Mohan Ram, in 1998, the Golden Jubilee year of the college.

Masih Charan Memorial Event: Mrs. Janki Masih Charan in the year 1989 started an annual music competition in memory of her husband, the late Sh. Masih Charan, a former employee of the college. Since then a Light Vocal Musical Competition is held every year.

Kanti Shastri Memorial Event: This is an annual musical event in memory of the late Ms. Kanti Shastri who was a senior teacher in the Economics Department