Nanochemistry is a subject that is connected to almost all branches of Chemistry like biomedical chemistry, polymer chemistry, product synthesis, pharmaceutical industry, structural materials, electronic device components, light-emitting materials. A number of universities and national laboratories have research programs that focus on nanochemistry, nanophysics, and nanotechnology. Keeping this in mind, Department of Chemistry, Miranda House will offer its students a 60 hour 'Add on Certificate course in Nanochemistry'.

The structure of the Add on certificate course would be as following:

  • 8 Lectures of 2 hours each (Two Invited lectures from eminent scientists working in this field and six from faculty from Department of Chemistry, Miranda House giving students a preview of their research in nanochemistry)
  • Two field visits:
    1. First to acquaint students with all the techniques required for characterization of nanoparticles
    2. Second to CSIR/NPL labs or to some industry set up using nanochemistry.
  • Suggested Practicals (Tentative list)
    1. Preparation of Gold/ Ag/Cu Nanoparticles via chemical method.
    2. Preparation of Gold/ Ag/Cu Nanoparticles via electrochemical method.
    3. Characterization of the prepared Nanoparticles.
    4. Photocatalytic activity of these synthesized nanoparticles.