Pasang Dolma (1992-2020), Batch of 2015, B.A. (Honours) English

Loss – in all its overwhelming forms is insidious and hollow. In all its grief stricken, anxiety ridden forms, it is viscerally constricting. What it does to one’s body, one’s brain and one’s being is incomprehensible. Two years after the demise of a dear friend, I am still at a loss – about what to feel, what to say and what to articulate. How do I make sense of death and the horrid absurdity it is? But amidst grief, disconnection and confusion, there is also a deep sense of gratitude in the remembrance of a friend who studied with me in the same college, took the same classes as I did, and spent three years of her life at Miranda House – learning, growing and evolving together with the batch of 2015.

Pasang lived her life in the shadows. She was the silent, observant kind, and would not miss out on anything in a group. Many people who knew, encountered and interacted with her would remember her for her remarkable quietness. The silence, the reserve was often mistaken to be shyness or even coldness, but knowing her for over 16 years, I would say that she was a free-spirited bird – her heart brimming with love and abundance. If love and tenderness were her inherent tendencies, studying literature at Miranda toughened her, strengthened her and gave her the wings to fly confidently. She often spoke fondly of the years spent at Miranda – being guided, mentored and taught by professors and peer groups who were fiery in their zeal for learning and unlearning. If I were to chronicle her life through stories, Miranda would definitely form a big chapter.

With gratitude, in remembrance of a friend who lived.
Chemi Lhamo
*Pasang was diagnosed with lymph node tuberculosis, and she succumbed to post surgery complications in Delhi on July 20, 2020.

Kaayum Krishna Pegu (1996-2016) Batch of 2018

To put it simply, Kaayum Krishna Pegu (born 11 November 1996) was the "life of the party". There necessarily didn't have to be a party or a celebration of some kind: she was one of those people who could turn the most drab days into memorable events that one reminisces about for years to come. She had a way of drawing people together, and making people feel comfortable in her presence. It's one of the many things I learnt from her: I was at the height of my social awkwardness back in the first days of college n 2015, and she was one of the first friends I made. Not only that, she introduced me to other people as well, all of whom remain close friends seven years later.

It still feels unbelievable that she is not physically here. Sometimes I think of her and choke up, remembering how awful the days preceding her untimely death were. Even then, it was our group of friends that held each other up, made sure we stayed functional enough to be there for Kaaye (as we fondly called her and still refer to her as) and her family in whatever capacity we could.

That's why I said "she is not physically here": her spirit, her love, her warmth, and her smile remain with us and remind us of what's truly important at the end of the day. We miss you so much, Kaayum. Love you.

Penned by classmate, Arushi Bhaskar
*Kaayum succumbed to her injuries sustained in a gruesome car accident on September 28, 2016, in Noida.