The Department of Philosophy established in 1948 has a rich legacy of being one of the oldest departments of Miranda House. From its inception, the Department of Philosophy has harbored great minds who have given much to the pursuit of philosophy. A discipline that pervades the very basis of knowledge is naturally one of the most important courses offered which has an incredibly inclusive diaspora of talented professors. With a rich and diverse amalgamation of ideas, the department has molded itself into a highly intellectual and academic hub of philosophical exchange. Such exchange nests the potential to create an academic and exciting space for critical thinking and rational problem-solving. The curriculum aims to familiarize students with the core areas of philosophy and encourages them to engage in it and apply it to the pressing questions of the real world. The tradition of our department is reflected in our collaboration with a wide range of interdisciplinary programs. 

With a wide range of seminars, guest speaker lectures, movie screenings and organizing exciting department events, the department has always taken pride in being eventful and intuitive year after year. On 25th February, 2022, the department launched its blog after a successful magazine launch a year back. The department also organized a six-day long certificate course on Value Based Education, followed by a three-day course on Ethics, Law and Policymaking. On 19 April, the Annual Department Fest “Gnosis” was held on the theme Ecofeminism. With a plethora of enterprises, debating sessions and open mic held by the department, the festival was a memorable one. Regular research paper writing competitions and career counseling sessions are also conducted year round. World Philosophy Day was also celebrated by organizing guest lectures and staging academically creative plays and satires. The Annual Academic Magazine “Episteme 2022” was also launched by the Editorial Board to mark the celebrations. 

The department is thus a lively community of philosophers with a broad range of scholarly interests.  Developing a philosophical mindset and learning to engage with difficult questions helps students identify and apply critical pressure to assumptions behind conventional judgments, practices, and arguments.

Society Activities