Agamya, is an endeavour to connect with students studying in Government schools located in remote areas of India. Its aim is to conduct online mentoring sessions by engaging children in various activities which will help sharpen their competency and aptitude along with imparting life skills. Its motto ‘SAMAGRA SHIKSHA’ represents the importance of encompassing hard academic curriculum as well as soft skills like team work, time management, channelising creativity etc.

The advent of COVID-19 has made online teaching a new normal due to which extra-curricular activities important to a student’s overall development are being heavily neglected. Non-academic activities have been time and again proven as holding equal significance for the stimulation of a healthy body and mind as academic activities. Through Agamya, college students will become mentors of the less privileged students in our society and will be able to develop an intellectual, social and the most crucial, an emotional bond with them.

Taking into consideration the ideas mentioned in New Education Policy 2020, Agamya through its wider curriculum will endeavour to inculcate basic values and create awareness about rights and responsibilities among children and also equip them with life skills which in turn prepare them to deal with the challenges of everyday life. The curriculum followed by the club includes sessions on making recycled paper bags at home to learning the basics of first aid. Children will be provided a platform to find their inner potential by indulging in activities like dramatics, creative writing, dance, yoga etc. Agamya aims to go beyond the syllabus by providing an enriching experience to students and truly lives up to the meaning of its name ‘Agamya’- the zeal to learn and gain knowledge.