Through MH Vatavaran, students and teachers, come together to give voice to common environmental concerns and build within the larger college community, sensitivity to such issues. Our environmental activism begins at home. Miranda House now has a solid waste management project where kitchen waste and leaf litter from the hostel area is separately decomposed. The Society also manages the paper recycling plant in the College. Students and teachers are involved with several environment related ventures within the college and outside. MH Vatavaran has been awarded funds by the Ministry of Environment, Government of Delhi, to set up a herbal garden.

MH Vatavaran has in recent years organized major National Symposia such as The Art and Science of Paper Recycling. Students regularly participating in TERI, YUVA meet each year. In 2015-16 as part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, MH Vatavaran organized Swachh Parisar Abhiyan (Clean Environs Campaign). A large number of volunteers, including students, teachers and nonteaching staff participated in the campaign, led by the Principal. The Anti-litter Campaign continued in 2016 with members clearing the litter from within as well as outside the college. MH Vatavaran has also been actively organizing and participating in various Seminars, Workshops, Film screening on themes related to conservation and protection of environment.