Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (Launched on 11th November 2014) is a flagship programme under the Ministry of Education (MOE), where the Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) of the country link with villages to contribute to the economic and social betterment of these communities, using their knowledge base.

Mission of UBA

1. Develop necessary mechanism & proper coordination among educational institutes, implementation agencies and grassroot level stakeholders to enable effective intervention at field level.

2. Effectively participate in sustainable holistic development of select rural clusters using local resources, creating employment opportunities in the process and harnessing multifarious government schemes.

3. Reorienting academic curricula and research programs in higher educational institutes in alignment with local needs to bring about development and enrich knowledge of students about issues of villages/society.

In this vision of transformational change in building an inclusive India, Miranda House, UBA cell is trying to leverage its knowledge base to our partners in five villages. Our partners are:

1. Burari CT (North Delhi)
2. Majra Badarpur Burari (North Delhi)
3. Jagatpur (North Delhi)
4. Dhirpur (North Delhi)
5. Anantpura (Alwar, Rajasthan)

In this partnership of knowledge, it is imperative to build an understanding of the developmental agenda, interactions with stakeholders, dialogue within the larger community, design societal objectives, improve developmental outcomes and engage community for sustainable growth. Community engagement rests on five distinct practices- reaching out, informing, consulting, involving, collaborating, and empowering. In order to be an effective link, it is essential that we train ourselves in participatory methods and skills and also ensure that we as knowledge partners have a clear understanding of the process of supporting local and partnership learning. 

Society Activities

Aajkal (Current Activities)