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Over the years the Miranda House Quiz Society has become a forum where young, like minded individuals come to share their curiosities and challenge each other in various ways. The society holds recruitments every semester to take in new students. The recruitment process requires students to sit for a qualifying round of quizzes followed by an interview. 

The Quiz Society introduces its members to a more competitive world of collegiate quizzing by holding quiz sessions on various topics of interests every week. The society also holds workshops for its students to help them better navigate their way through the quiz circuit. A flagship event of the society is the Annual Rachita Dasgupta Memorial Quiz Fest. Here people from institutions across Delhi come and participate at Miranda House. In 2021, the fest was conducted online and saw participants from across the country compete for the prize. The society also holds a semester event and collaborates with other quiz societies and organisations to hold quizzes. The Quiz Society Union consists of a President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer who are appointed by the members through a system of voting. 

Apart from the learning opportunities the society provides, the uplifting environment here enriches the personalities of its members and helps them become inquisitive, conscientious beings.

Society Activities

Aajkal (Current Activities)