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For affirmative action, the college is committed to effectively implementing the Reservation Policy as stipulated by the government. The Equal Opportunity Cell of Miranda House ensures equitable and accessible space of learning to its category and minority students. The Cell makes all efforts to empower these students. The Cell runs orientation programme and provides information on various scholarships provided by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for the category students. Keeping in view of the needs of the students, of which an overwhelming number wants help with English apart from computer knowledge and interview preparedness, the Cell runs a certificate course in English Speaking and listening. The course is aimed to integrate English with its usage in the real life context therefore the component units of the course are Language and Communication, Logical and Creative Thinking and Interview Readiness. All the tasks of the course are structured within the framework of learner-centric approach where students engage in group discussions, presentations and role playing. The Cell also organizes Talks and Seminars on the current issues to keep the students engaged and informed.