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The North-East society of Miranda House was established inĀ 2016 to showcase the underrepresented regions of North-East India. The main objective of the society is to create and enhance awareness about the eight Northeastern states of India in terms of their rich cultural heritage, distinct diversity in ethnic composition, rich biological diversity, abundant resources and historical background. As the north eastern region is bordered by Bangladesh to the west, Myanmar to the east and Bhutan and China to the north, these states have significant strategic value. However, due to its geographical isolation from the rest of the country, many misinterpretations and misconceptions proliferate. Our society aims to dispel these prejudices and misrepresentations about the region that has existed for decades. It upholds the aim of exploring the Northeast states beyond the exotic with an attempt to bridge the communication gap between these states and rest of the country.

Society Activities

Aajkal (Current Activities)