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Mridang- the Indian Dance Society, rooted in Indian ethos, welcomes students from all cultural backgrounds to come together and share a common interest, i.e. the love for Indian dance and its       preservation. Mridang has been working towards bringing Indian classical and folk dances to the  forefront. The Society provides a platform for its members to creatively express themselves through dance and at the same time offers a space to discover their love for Indian traditions.

For the last few years Mridang has been working with  particular themes  focusing on specific dance forms especially folk dance forms. For 2018-2019, Mridang’s production was based on ‘Kalbeliya’- dance form performed by a nomadic tribe of the same name from Rajasthan, which used to trade snake venom for a living.

Mridang has an extremely talented team. Its members are trained in different classical dance forms like Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Gaudiya Nritya, Mohiniyattam and others.

The student council in coordination with  the teacher convenor of the society is responsible for holding events, organizing competitions and workshops.


Due to the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic, all college activities shifted to the online mode. Then, Mridang took advantage of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin to keep the members

active during these difficult times. For 2020-2021, Mridang’s theme was  “Vividhata”. As part of this theme, the society produced dance videos of three folk forms, namely- Bihu, Lavani and Bhangra. Mridang also produced its first Classical Wing production. During the difficult times of the pandemic, the Indian Dance Society also made a video based on Mental Health awareness.


Mridang performs in various youth festivals and takes part in several competitive events organized in various colleges all through the year. It has been winning laurels in the past and we hope that the legacy continues.


Society Activities

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