Entry for the Orientation Program will be on the basis of Fee receipt | MIRANDA HOUSE HAS BEEN RANKED NO.1 AMONG COLLEGES BY NIRF RANKING 2023

The following 3D printers are available for students at the 3D printer Lab at the DS Kothari Centre, Miranda House:

  • CoLiDo DIY fundamental 3D Printer for basic printing using PLA filament for printing
  • CoLiDo 2.0+ 3D printer making designs of higher order with great precision using PLA, ABS and TPU filament type
  • CoLiDo 3D Pen for handwriting in 3D

A series of training workshops have been organizeded by Vidyut, the Physics Society. These aim to provide students first hand experience of using the printer and the pen. Illustrative examples of exercises undertaken are:

  • Programming the printer to print a 3D model live.
  • Print prototypes of projects.
  • Create 3D versions of graphic designs.
  • Explore ways of teaching science concepts to Visually Impaired students