Bachelor of Elementary Education programme started in Delhi University in the year 1994. It is a four year teacher-training programme with the objective of developing a cadre of elementary school teachers who would find it possible to integrate research based findings with classroom teaching, and move comfortably to and fro between theoretical debates and actual teaching practice. The programme attempts to offer a rigourous training in sharpening of students' intellect along with a sensitization towards the world around. Even as students engage with contemporary issues in education, they simultaneously learn concepts in subjects such as sociology, economics, psychology, sciences, mathematics and linguistics. The course includes traditional subjects as well as training in theatre, craft, puppetry and self-development; thus offering the student an additional input for developing her theatrical, artistic and communication skills. The B.El.Ed. tradition in Delhi University is one of discussion based classroom interactions, extensive fieldwork, use of audio-visual media, educational excursions and plenty of group work. The four-year programme culminates in an intensive, 6 months long school-teaching internship in the final year. Since its inception in Jesus and Mary College in the year 1994, the programme has spread to over eight colleges in Delhi University, and beginning this academic year has been adopted in the Regional Institute of Education, Mysore, Mysore University. Students graduating with the B.El.Ed. degree have by now created a niche for themselves in the Delhi school system with several private schools, specially for the primary grades.

One of the lacunae in the B.El.Ed programme as it exists at present is the absence of a continuous and ongoing interaction of the Department with various aspects of school life. The Centre aims to organize activities to bridge the gap.