Building on our experience with establishing the IBSD-MH North East Centre we have been granted the opportunity to collaborate with the Government of India and the North East Council as our objectives for development in the North Eastern region is similar to each other. Working together we can reach out to a large population of the north eastern region and create changes and bring about development for all.

The project grant to establish the North Eastern Regional Research and Resource Centre was awarded to Miranda House by the NEC Shillong.

Aim of the Project

The Centre would organize seminars, conferences, webinars, talk shows in partnership with the North Eastern Council. The Resource and Research Centre will be the educational outreach nodal office for the North Eastern Council. Apart from a library, documentation centre, museum and promotion and display of materials and arts and crafts of the region, the Resource and Research will also promote research in Area Studies. A studio will be established to create space for a OTT platform and promote the media outreach of the centre. Cultural programmes will be highlighted through it. There will be specific focus on dialogues with policy-makers, academia, entrepreneurs and artistes from the region. Livelihood options and skill building through local prospects will be highlighted.

Objective of the project

  • Community Radio Network
  • Incubation/Innovation Laboratory for North Eastern Region
  • Business to Business collaboration Platform
  • Research and Outreach programs
  • Civil Society and Media Coordination
  • Establishment of Specialised Resource Centre for North East
  • Skill and Training Development of North Eastern Youth
  • Women Entrepreneurship Program

Main aims

Entrepreneurship development is in essence combining skills with leadership

These programs of community connect will derive self-sustenance and improved standard of living the main idea is Transforming Lives Through Upskilling

Research and Outreach programs

  • To Estblish the Community Radio Network, Incubation/Innovation Laboratory for the North Eastern Region
  • The research centre would organize certificate courses (2-4 weeks) on culture, folklore, food habits, biodiversity, traditional knowledge of the region and deepen Area Studies
  • To organize public awareness programmes like NukkadNatak and other cultural activities.
  • To organize workshops for skill-based learning and opportunities for sustainable livelihood.
  • To organize national and international conferences.
  • To promote the local artisans and handicrafts we would act as a connecting channel between them and Delhi region.
  • We can act as a link between artisans, different business communities by promoting business to business meetings (MSME)
  • To collaborate with different Institutions including National Commission for Women, Institute of Social Change and Development, Guwahati, State Universities and other Educational Institutes.
  • The establishment of a Resource Centre which will include documentation, research-based activities and will act as a nodal agency in terms of awareness generation on government programmes and skill development.
  • The Centre will initiate a collaborative learning exercise with the Policy Centre and Gender Lab, Department of English, Department of Botany, Department of Geography, Department of Sociology and Department of Zoology.
  • To emphasise on internship programmes for the region and students of the region as well as other students.
  • To have media outreach through a partner organization to amplify the voices of the region, promoting talent through talk shows, OTT platforms.
List of Workshops organised by NERRRC Brief Report on Workshops organised