Centre for Environmental Studies and Disaster Management (CESDM)


Globally, many of the environmental issues has reached its planetary limits both due to anthropogenic causes and lack of ability to efficiently deal with our increasing vulnerabilities. These human induced environmental disturbances have led to various problems ranging from regional issues of resource depletion and pollution to global climatic changes. At the same time disasters have further influenced our capacity to cope up with such drastic environmental consequences. In these changing times, to build resilience within our communities, it is extremely important to sensitize individuals and societies about the risk and vulnerabilities that affect us economically and culturally. The major thrust is to educate the community to raise awareness about our ecological footprints and bring in a culture of sustainability.

Educational institutions can greatly contribute by initiating training, research and engagement of youth in environmental and disaster education. The need of the hour is to enhance conservationist approach and adopting safety measures as a habit early in one’s life. Keeping in mind the interests of the college community, the Centre for Environmental Studies and Disaster Management (CESDM) was instituted in November, 2021 as a centre for learning and research.


  • To sensitize and enhance the skills in the students from different disciplines, so that they can apply their core subject knowledge to resolve the issues of disaster management and environmental degradation.
  • To assess the modification and improvement required in the current system to achieve sustainable development goals both at individual and institutional level.
  • Encouraging research work on the themes of environmental sustainability, disaster identification, risk management and preparedness.
  • Spreading awareness about the significance of environmental education and disaster preparedness and mitigation by organizing various workshops/training programmes.
  • Suggesting measures for building institutional resilience and disaster management plan of Miranda House.
  • Creating environment friendly and disaster ready institute.

People (Founding Members)

S.No. Name Department
1 Prof. Bijayalaxmi Nanda Principal
2 Prof. Chirashree Ghosh Department of Environmental Studies University of Delhi
3 Dr. Rakhi Parijat Department of Geography Miranda House
4 Dr. Rekha Kumari Department of Zoology Miranda House
5 Dr. Saloni Bahri Department of Botany Miranda House
6 Dr. Shailender Kumar Department of Environmental Studies Miranda House
7 Dr. Priyanka Sharma Department of Environmental Studies Miranda House
8 Dr. Vimala Singh Department of Environmental Studies Miranda House
9 Ms. Shipra Singh Department of Geography Miranda House
10 Dr. Ruchi Sachan Department of Geography Miranda House
11 Dr. Ankita Medhi Department of Geography Miranda House
12 Mr. Praffulit Bisht Department of Geography Miranda House
13 Dr. Surabhi Department of Political Science Miranda House

People (Extended Members)

S.No. Name
1 Dr. Monika Saroj
2 Ms. Pratibha Tomar


CESDM activities ranges from training programs, workshops, conferences, short-term courses, internships and research initiatives. Centre offers inclusive education for environment and disaster related sustainability approaches, technical knowledge, skills and ethical values.

Collaborative Institutions:

The centre had been actively engaged with different organisations i.e., Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi (DES, DU), National Institute of Disaster Management, MoH, Govt of India (NIDM), and National Disaster Response Force, GoI (NDRF), Intellectual Property Rights, Govt. of India (IPR) for its various events.

Training and Workshops (November, 2021 to April, 2022)

  • Conducted a five-day training program on the topic “Understanding Vulnerability and Risk associated with Urban Areas” in the collaboration of NIDM, CESDM, and Department of Environmental Studies, University of Delhi (23-27 November 2021).
  • Organized one-day IPR awareness/training programme under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission in collaboration with Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Internal Trade, Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (8 February, 2022).
  • Conducted five-day workshop with hands-on experience on topic “Climate Change Adaptation” (4-8 April, 2022).
  • Conducted workshop on the theme “Rescue and Relief” in collaboration with National Disaster Response Force (NDRF, GoI) and Disaster Preparedness Team, Miranda House (13 April, 2022).
  • Conducted one day workshop “Staying Prepared Against Nuclear Disaster” in collaboration NAPSIPAG Disaster Research Group (NDRG) (April 19, 2022).

Research/Internship: The centre is also involved in guiding students for their dissertation, and projects/summer internship.

Research Guidance- Dr. Shailender Kumar co-supervised a Masters dissertation along with Prof. Chirashree Ghosh on topic Water Quality Assessment of Urban Water Bodies Within Delhi City.

Forthcoming activities -

  • Short-term courses - Centre is planning to provide certificate courses for inclusive development through communication, skill, knowledge and direct interaction with the industry.
  • Capacity building activities
  • Research initiatives and internships
  • Nature walks and long excursions
  • Publications

Report of Conference/Workshop/Seminar Organised

S.No. Name Link
1 Report 2021-22 View

NIDM Reports

S.No. Name Link
1 Three days online traniing program report View
2 Five days training report View