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DSKC Project Laboratories

In as much as the D S Kothari Centre for Research and Innovation in Science Education (DSKC) is not a brick-and-mortar centre but a collective initiative of all science faculties, departments have been responsible for requisitioning and developing its facilities. DSKC labs have been carved out of space spared by the science departments for this purpose. While all facilities are shared, departments are custodians of specific equipment and the research facilities developed under their supervision. This ownership by stakeholder faculty has been the hallmark of the DSKC and reason for its sustained vigour. The extensive infrastructure is put to use throughout the year, variously for curricular work and research undertaken at various levels by faculty, doctoral fellows registered with the college, fellows visiting DSKC for dissertation work, and most importantly, undergraduate research work. The touchstone of science at Miranda House remains its deep commitment to capacity building of women in science; and the extensive science education outreach activities that pinnacle with summer internship programmes and camps, pitched at a very high level of competence and repute.