Policy Centre & Gender Lab

Policy Centre & Gender Lab at Miranda House is mandated to operate with the vision of creating a platform for budding researchers at undergraduate level to ideate, incubate and innovate. This centre provides training to students on research methodologies along with encouraging them to identify social and gender specific issues confronting society. This centre invites research proposal from students/ team and shortlisted research proposals are provided support and guidance from experts as well as faculty in the identified areas/ fields.

The centre is a creative space where students, faculty and other stake holders explore and experiment the knowledge, experiences and skills to develop policy in a more open, discussion oriented, digital and user-centred way with implications for society.

The Centre work hand-in-hand with partners from the public and private sector. Students have benefited from the labs’ flexible and experimental approach, that combines research and action, mobilises skill sets from different disciplines.

Multi-stakeholder research requires not only technical and social knowledge, but also leadership, facilitation skills and the ability to manage partnerships. Therefore, the policy centre & gender lab focuses on diverse learning through a multi-channel framework established through collaboration with different institutions, organisations, and expert’s network. We have organised webinars and research skill development sessions with University of Birmingham, UK, University of Gottenburg, Sweden, University of Guleph, Canada at global level. At national level we have collaborated with Action Aid and Her World.